Brandenburg 300 Project

The Brandenburg 300 Project



Pythagorean Theroem

The Right Angle

And The

Right Triangle


A2 + B2 = C2. The Pythagorean theorem is arguably the greatest, most important invention in history because, among its millions of uses, it allows two things that distinguishes humans for all other animals: flat and square – all arising from the right angle, and measured with the right triangle. No other animal insists on flat floors or perfectly vertical walls – that stand at a right angle to a flat floor. Water at rest was the only other flat thing humans typically encountered.

Consider how much we depend on flat – or at least relatively flat surfaces for floors in our homes and buildings, roads, construction materials. Also, this formula allows measurement of distances as everyday as building a house to measuring the distance of objects millions of miles away on space. Civilization as we know it could not exist without this formula.

Bust of Pythagoras
Pythagoras 2